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I first met Miriane Taylor after a shoulder injury approximately 10 years ago. I am a musician and choral conductor and was born with an extreme hyper-mobile condition called Ehlers-Danlos - a condition where - every part of my body can sublux and/or rotate. At the time my shoulder was painfully dislocating hundreds of times per day. Doctors wanted to surgically fuse my arm back into the shoulder girdle - making it stable but virtually useless - my conducting career would be over and as other ligaments gave way, I could probably look to a future in a wheel chair.

Miriane has been a God send! Few people have her actual - let alone intuitive knowledge of the body - the muscles, ligaments and skeleton and how they subtly interplay.  Caring and always positive, Miriane helped me heal and strengthen my shoulders and today, as I'm about to turn 60, thanks to her, I have strength that I never had before - even in my youth. Not only do I have a conducting career, but the strength and coordination that Miriane has enabled me to develop has made me a better, more powerful communicator with my arms - a better conductor. 

Over the last year my body has transformed and developed at an even faster rate thanks to Miriane's usage of the Garuda machine. I've developed incredible strength and coordination in my entire torso and have learned to re-align my body thanks to Miriane's expertise on the Garuda. With Miriane's continuing help, I can now look confidently to the future, knowing that not only will I never have to fear ending up in a wheel chair, but I have far more strength, coordination and even flexibility than I had in my youth. 

Thank you for giving me my life back, Miriane.

~ Susan Michaels

I had broken my femur in 2001 and I still felt pain and weakness even after trying physiotherapy, craniosacral therapy, gyms and trainers, until finally discovering Miriane in 2007. I have not stopped seeing Miriane regularly since then and when away, Miriane will always have convenient exercises that are easy to retain and easy to practice when not in the studio as well as equipment that is useful at home or when travelling.  Miriane will always make our sessions enjoyable, and because she is constantly exploring new styles and techniques, she will introduce exercises that are useful and that I will appreciate. I swear by Miriane because she is effective, extremely perceptive, and a wonderful person to work with.

~ Pauline

I had been diagnosed with scoliosis but had neglected it over the years when I started experiencing extreme pain shooting from my back down to my knee.  I was introduced to Miriane and was already feeling better after a few one-on-one sessions; Miriane then suggested I try a semi with another client that would be an appropriate fit. The semis were wonderful! Although the nature of our issues is not the same, Miriane addresses both specific needs with fun yet challenging exercises. Thanks to her creativity, I think I’m having even more fun with the semi!

~ Helen

I have been a weekly client of Miriane/Taylor’d Pilates for more than 5 years.  I have always found Miriane to be very, very professional and knowledgeable.  Where Miriane really steps to the front of the line is in the way she monitors absolutely every part of my body when I am doing a movement, this never ceases to amaze me. Due to her thorough knowledge of the body and its musculature, when necessary she works in a very therapeutic manner. As I have had various aches and pains and even an injury during my years with her, I not only trust her, I count on her to help me recover.
And of course I love her sense of playfulness when I am working out with her.
Miriane is definitely part of my plan to ensure I age well!

~ Joy Levine

"On Miriane's behalf, I just want to say that our semi private sessions are excellent! I am a long time private client of Miriane and was skeptical in the beginning (so sure that I would miss something), but in fact, my partner's and my workouts are just as challenging, very well planned and tailored to our needs."

~ Laurie & Gordon Squires