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All clients to Taylor’d Pilates will have an Introductory session with Miriane. Prior to your first session you will be asked to fill out the Liability Release and Questionnaire. Having this information in advance of your session will assist in the preparation of your session.

In your sessions you will learn the importance of breath and inner core strength using the principles of Pilates in your workouts and everyday life. As a result you will increase your flexibility, coordination, balance, muscle endurance and control … (working smarter not harder).

To book your first session please contact the studio.

  • Before your Introductory Session: New clients are asked to fill out the Liability Release and Questionnaire prior to their first session.
  • Introductory Session: All new clients will have an introductory session which involves a postural assessment and discussion of the questionnaire that was filled out.
  • Regular Sessions: After your introductory session, you may then book your regular sessions.

(All fees include HST)

  Private   Semi Private   Group  
1 Session $105   $75   1 Drop-in Session $16.95 (*One use only)
5 Session Card $485 ($97/session)   $345 ($69/session)   1 Drop-in Session $30
10 Session Card $920 ($92/session)   $650 ($65/session)   5 Session Card $140 ($28/session)
          10 Session Card $260 ($26/session)

Session Cards are pre-paid. Session Cards are transferable but not refundable. Group Session Cards are retricted to 1 session per week. Cards expire 1 year from the date of purchase.

Method of Payment: Cash or Cheque ONLY. Cheques Payable to: Taylor’d Pilates

To prevent being billed for sessions not attended, we respectfully require 24 hour’s notice for any changes or cancellations of booked sessions. This allows those on the waiting list to book a session. \For semi-private sessions, do as above and also contact your partner to inform her/him of your cancellation. Your partner then has the option to cancel and re-book with you for another time, or she/he can attend the regularly scheduled session as a private session and pay a private session rate. If you cancel your semi-private session less than 24 hours in advance, to be fair to your partner, you will be responsible for your share of the session.