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Pilates on the BOSU

Learn what the BOSU is all about: working on an unstable surface, integrating Pilates Principles and mat work to improve strength, stability and flexibility. A fun way to challenge your body’s balance and proprioception. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.


Challenge your body by incorporating Fit Circle, Foam Roller, Small Ball and Stretch Band. Increase your Pilates repertoire, gaining strength and flexibility while enjoying a great full body workout. Recommended for anyone who’d like to take their current Pilates mat work to the next level.

Garuda Fusion

“Where Pilates ends Garuda Begins”, Garuda is a Pilates based system that incorporates Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates. Offering a cardio vascular workout, increasing strength, flexibility and endurance. Challenge your body by incorporating the Garuda chair, seated/standing, and foam roller. Garuda Fusion adds a challenging workout for Pilates or Yoga enthusiasts.

(All fees include HST)

  Monday Tuesday   Saturday
10:00 am       Pilates Mat & Small Apparatus
5:00 pm Garuda Fusion Pilates on the BOSU    
6:00 pm Pilates Mat & Small Apparatus Pilates on the BOSU    

A gentle reminder that due to space there is a maximum of six participants in each group class, don’t forget to email and ensure you have a spot! Please register and pay online at:

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*In the event of a cancelled class, all participants who have registered online will be emailed directly and will retain their session.